Fungal Eye Infections Risk & Prevention

Who gets fungal eye infections?
Anyone can get a fungal eye infection. These infections usually are linked to one of these situations:1,2
  • Eye injury, particularly with plant material (for example, thorns or sticks)
  • Eye surgery (such as corneal transplant surgery or cataract surgery)
  • Chronic eye disease involving the surface of the eye
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Exposure to contaminated medical products that come in contact with the eye
  • Fungal bloodstream infection (like candidemia)
Also, people who have diabetes, weakened immune system, or use corticosteroids may be more likely to develop fungal eye infections than other people.3,4
How can I prevent a fungal eye infection?
  • If you’re a farm worker or work often with plant materials, wear protective eyewear to help prevent an eye injury.
  • People who wear contact lenses should should care for their lenses properly.  For contact lens care tips, please visit CDC’s Healthy Contact Lens Wear and Care webpage.

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